Slim Arm Exercises: How to Lose Fat Fast

Tightened, raised arms are becoming a goal for many who play sports. Handwork is not only about aesthetics: posture, metabolism, and coordination are improved in the process. Olga Likhareva, coach of REBOOT sports studios, shares an effective complex that everyone will repeat.

Someone thinks that arm training instantly causes muscle growth and promotes the formation of “bazooka arms”. This is a myth: for example, for girls, such a quick result is almost unattainable.

Most of the muscles in women are located in the lower body; with this structure, it is extremely difficult to pump up large arms. The muscle structure different from men and the low dose of testosterone makes the task doubly difficult. In order for the muscles of the arms to grow, tremendous work must be done on the training program and nutrition: the body’s adaptation to a regularly increasing load. It is important for men to constantly increase the weight of the dumbbells in order to start the growth of muscle mass. It is enough for girls to work with one weight (2-4 kg) and monitor nutrition and calorie deficit in order to remove body fat from their hands.

The arm area is considered a small muscle group and recovers quickly and can be trained two to four times a week. The arms work actively when training other zones: triceps – when training the chest, biceps – when working with the back.

Hand exercises

  • Extension for triceps in support. Focus on the knee and palm. Keep the body parallel to the floor, back straight, shoulder also parallel to the floor. We do not tip the head back, the neck is a continuation of the body. Maintain a 90 degree angle at the elbow. On exhalation, extend the arm at the elbow joint, while inhaling, return to the starting position.

Do three sets of ten reps for each arm.

  • Extension for triceps with a shock absorber/expander in the kneeling position. Get into a sitting position. Straighten your back and keep your spine in a neutral position. We do not bend in the lower back, do not press the chin to the chest. Raise one arm and bend it at the elbow. Grasp one end of the expander/shock absorber behind your head. Wrap your other hand behind your back and grab the lower end of the expander/shock absorber. Do not tilt your elbow to the sides during exercise. Raise your upper hand as you exhale and gently lower as you inhale.

Do three sets of ten reps for each arm.

  • Press with a narrow grip + French press from the gluteal position. Lie on the floor in a glute bridging position. The knees are bent at right angles, the feet are hip-width apart on the floor. Lift your pelvis off the floor and fully straighten at the hip joint. Keep your arms on the floor, bent at the elbows with dumbbells. Extending your arms, squeeze the dumbbells up. The elbows should not be pulled apart. Bend your elbows, directing the dumbbells towards your head and extend your arms back up. Gently return your arms to their original position.

Do three sets of ten reps.

  • Reverse push-ups for triceps. The exercise will require a bench from which you will push off. The palms are located on the edge of the horizontal bench, the legs are slightly bent at the knees on the floor. We open the chest, stretch the top of the head up, do not press the chin to the chest. As you inhale, slowly lower yourself down, keeping your back and abs tense. At the bottom, the elbows should be parallel to the floor. On exhalation, we unbend our arms with an explosive effect. The elbows look straight back.

Do three sets of ten reps.


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