Why do muscles hurt after a workout? Is it true that the krepatura says about the growth of muscle mass? This article will answer these and many other questions.

In the sports environment, krepatura is considered an indicator of effective training. Is it really? What if the muscles don’t hurt?

Why does krepatura appear and what does it mean?

Krepatura is muscle pain that you feel for 1 to 2 days after a hard workout. Stressful physical activity leads to microfractures of muscle fibers. When the body heals them, the muscles become larger and stronger, that is, muscle tissue hypertrophy occurs.

Krepatura may indicate muscle growth, but this is not always the case.

In fact, you can get a lot more out of training than just strength. For example, prolonged cardio loads do not always lead to microfractures of muscle fibers. As a result muscles do not grow after them, but the cardiovascular system is strengthened and fat is burned. In addition, one rep with a maximum weight leads to much less muscle strength than wear training (sets of 6-2 reps ), but it perfectly develops muscle strength.

Sometimes krepatura is a bad sign


It is important to understand that sometimes krepatura, on the contrary, slows down progress. So, if you decide to run 5 kilometers on “clogged” legs, then such training will not only be painful, but also useless.

Moreover, if you exercise 5 or 6 times a week and suffer from muscle pain after each workout, then you are overexerting yourself. One study has shown that severe trepatura can be a sign of overwork, especially if it is accompanied by fatigue, decreased productivity, and depressed mood.


Krepatura is one of the signs of a good workout, especially if your goal is to gain muscle mass. One, but the only one. So if you’re experiencing mild muscle soreness after exercising, that’s fine. But even if not, don’t worry.


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