Losing weight in the new year – about undertakings in the gym

While every moment is good for making changes in your life, the start of a new year seems like the best option. Many people at this time decide to break with bad habits or addictions, and switch to a new diet or regular exercise. The success of this decision is determined by the strength of motivation and character, but proper preparation and knowledge can certainly contribute to the success of this endeavor. If your goal is to lose weight by working out in the gym, be sure to check out the tips below.

The main element of success is goal setting. It should be specific, objective, and easily measurable so that the path to it is as simple as possible. The goal will provide adequate motivation for action, a high level of which is necessary for effective and reliable work. It will be a good idea to set a specific deadline for completing your task and create short-term goals, which will be approximately 2-3 weeks. Small successes will form motivation on the way to the main goal. and will allow you to control whether you stay on the right path, and in case of failures, they will ensure that you can quickly react and return to the right path. It is worth writing down the purpose of the activity in a conspicuous place so that you can often recall it. It will be a good idea to present your assumptions to the closest people who will further motivate you.

Right place

Choosing the right fitness club will be a key factor if you set a regular workout goal in the New Year . This should be a place close to work or home so you don’t get stuck in traffic on your way to a workout. It should be noted whether you are satisfied with the amount of space available, the music, the lighting, the cleanliness, the service and the type of club members. The fitness club, depending on the subscription price, location or type of equipment, will attract students, company employees, people with advanced training experience, strength sports players or entrepreneurs and freelancers. These factors are worth being aware of because they create the general atmosphere of the club, which influences readiness or lack of motivation.

Preparing for training

Choosing comfortable clothing and workout gear will be just as important as choosing the right fitness club. T-shirt and shorts made of breathable and quick-drying materials that do not restrict movement, the base is comfortable and lightweight shoes and a microfiber towel. Bottles of mineral water purchased at the reception or bottles with a filter should be sufficient for adequate hydration. Towel, flip flops, and shower cosmetics, along with the previously mentioned items, will require a roomy workout bag that can also hold headphones, gloves, and exercise accessories. The cost of buying the things you need to get started on a regular workout can easily top $20,000, but that’s a one-time expense and an investment in health.

Trainer’s advice

 It is very important to know what type of training to use, what proper exercise technique looks like, how to make a training plan, what frequency and intensity of training is best, and what diets and supplements to use. A personal trainer can help answer these and many other questions. Most gyms have instructors to help club members, but often a longer consultation or even a few workouts with an experienced trainer is required. Such cooperation will help to start physical activity classes correctly and will not allow beginners to make many mistakes that can adversely affect health or significantly extend the path to achieving the intended goal.

Workouts in the gym

The first visits to the gym, of course, will not be easy. Strength training, like any new sport or new language, requires the right amount of time and commitment to achieve results. For the first few weeks or even a few months, it is essential to do a full body workout in every workout based on core exercises such as deadlifts, squats, pull-ups, bench presses, bench presses, rowing, and various variations of ab curls. 

All this should be preceded by a few-minute warm-up and end with stretching and self-massage. Four series of exercises for each muscle group will be sufficient incentive for beginners. It is worth taking care of the progression of the load over the next weeks , which is necessary for the development of muscle mass. If the goal is to reduce body fat, then you should introduce cardio workouts on a treadmill, cross-trainer, or stationary bike into your workouts and, as your workouts increase, turn them into more effective interval workouts in this regard. A very important element is the number of calories consumed during the day, activity outside the gym and adequate sleep.

Many people start their development in the gym at the beginning of the new year to lose extra pounds or build an athletic figure. Regardless of the goal, it is worth preparing well for training. The basis should be the choice of a suitable place for training, the purchase of clothes and accessories for training, and consultation with a trainer. You should deepen your knowledge about training and diet, or entrust this matter to people who will help you plan your training, adjust your exercise technique, and adjust your diet according to your training goal. It is worth considering that most New Year’s resolutions end in a few weeks, which is definitely too short a time to improve the appearance of the figure or health.


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