Losing weight by summer is almost a national idea that worries every person who has experienced uncomfortable winter frosts and a series of satisfying holidays.

To move from intentions to action, you need to decide: how do you understand the word “lose weight” and how much time is left until the summer.

Most people who are thinking about how to lose weight by the summer imagine losing weight as a change in the number on the scale. But scales are not the best tool for measuring progress, and the cherished number on them does not guarantee that you will be satisfied with the result.

To lose weight is to get in good shape as a result of a decrease in fat mass and an increase in muscle mass.

When to start losing weight for summer

The sooner you think about preparing for the summer and getting your body in shape, the better the result will be.

A normal, non-threatening rate of weight loss is a loss of 0.5-1 kg per week. Calculate how long it will take you to lose unwanted pounds by the summer.

If there is little time left, and a lot of extra pounds and you want to lose weight quickly, you will have to make every effort, acting simultaneously in two directions: a significant adjustment in diet and high physical activity.

Sports and food. balance to lose weight

The basic principle of weight loss is to consume fewer calories and spend more.

To reduce consumption, you need to reconsider your diet, and give up bad eating habits.

To spend more, you need to move more and select the right workouts.

Top goals for weight loss

  • Get rid of excess fat.
    It is he who grows on the muscles, making the body unattractive, and loose.
  • Strengthen the muscle corset, and increase muscle mass.
    The more muscle a person has, the more calories he spends in his daily life.
  • Stick to proper nutrition.
    The quality of food affects the number of calories consumed, helps create a deficit and gradually leads to weight loss.

Basic principles of healthy eating

There are many nutritional systems that can be used to adjust calorie intake and diet. The basic principles are:

  • sufficient consumption of drinking water (instead of tea and coffee);
  • priority of protein foods (meat, fish, low-fat dairy products);
  • the inclusion of vegetables and fruits in the diet every day;
  • increasing the number of meals (neutralizes the feeling of hunger, eliminates overeating).

By giving preference to proteins, vegetables, and fiber, and giving up sugar and rolls, you can get the necessary energy without excess fat. For example, after a piece of cake with a calorie content of 400 kcal, you will be hungry in 40 minutes, and after a large plate of buckwheat with vegetables and nuts of the same calorie content, after 3 hours.

How to choose a workout for weight loss

Daily physical activity allows us to burn about 600-800 kcal. We walk, we ride a bike, we climb stairs, we shop in stores, and we do a lot of other things. This allows you to burn calories, but, alas, does not help in the fight against stored fat. To have time to lose weight by the summer, you need sports training built in a certain way.

The best choice in the fight against excess weight will be training aimed at burning fat. They are characterized by high intensity, combine strength and aerobic exercises, and accelerate metabolism, due to which calories are consumed both during training and a few hours after it.

They are designed for trained people, they require regularity. The optimal number of workouts is three times a week, that is, every other day. The body must not only work hard but also have time to recover – to eliminate micro-traumas of muscle fibers received during strength exercises.

Sleep and weight loss

Want to lose weight quickly? Do not neglect the paramount rule of fat burning – get enough sleep! People who sleep little and poorly suffer from a slow metabolism, insufficient release of testosterone (which is important in fat loss for men and, to a lesser extent, for women), and during the day they are accompanied by feelings of hunger. All of these factors will work against you if you are trying to lose weight.

Fat Burning Workouts at THE BASE

As they say, all programs are good – choose any. But it is wiser to turn to a professional trainer. He will do what is not available at home.

  • Assess the preparation of the student, on which physical activity depends.
  • It will take into account the body type of the trainee (ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph).
  • Select a program that matches the student’s goal (to lose fat or change body proportions).
  • It will help to hone the technique of performing exercises so that the correct muscles work.
  • He will monitor the effectiveness of training, at the right time to increase the load.
  • It will support motivation on the way to the goal and diversify workouts so that they do not turn into a routine.

Take a look at the THE BASE club schedule – you will find about 100 different workouts, from which we will help you choose the ones that suit your goals. For example, for active fat burning, we offer such programs.

GOODBYE FAT! (studio Cardio)

The training is explosive in nature, the exercises are performed at high intensity. The class combines classic cardio (running) and interesting exercises on the treadmill. The program also includes strength exercises, static exercises and work with weighting agents, with the help of which you can timely regulate the load on the muscles, achieving maximum return from them.

THE TRIP (Cycle Studio)

Group cycling at an intense pace and at the same time immersion in virtual reality: climbing glaciers and mountain peaks, sprinting through fiery lava, and penetrating through time and space. As you pedal, the movie screen and sound system create a captivating atmosphere.

Smart trainers have the necessary settings (training intensity adjustment, resistance level control, and sprint speed control) and significant potential for gradually increasing the load. In 45 minutes of training, about 1000 calories are burned.


METABOLIC (The Base x Pro Studio)

An intense workout that combines strength and aerobic exercise. The emphasis on rapid muscle contraction allows you to expend the maximum amount of energy during exercise. At the same time, metabolism and metabolism are accelerated. The body intensively spends calories even several hours after the end of the workout. Muscles work fat burns.


GRIT CARDIO (Les Mills Studio)

High-intensity interval cardio based on jumps, push-ups, lunges, and sprints. No additional weight is used, all exercises are based on working with your own body weight. Metabolism is accelerated so that the effect of burning calories and fat is maintained after training. Such intensive work contributes to the development of endurance, the program adapts even for beginners.


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