How to save your eyesight if you work at the computer all the time

Do you spend every day in front of your computer monitor? We learned how to preserve our eyesight and forget about glasses.

Today it is a rare job to do without computers and other electronic devices. The number of hours spent in front of the monitor can vary, but it cannot be denied  – your eyes are unlikely to like it. How to prevent its deterioration  – we tell in our material.

Alcohol is the main enemy

According to statistics, in most cases, the drop in vision is not caused at all by working at a computer, but by poor heredity and bad habits – a bright screen only completes the work begun. If in the case of a “gift” from previous generations we cannot do anything, then giving up alcohol will not amount to any harm. However, first, you need to figure out why alcohol is so harmful, which, it would seem, has nothing to do with our eyes.

In fact, this is not entirely true. Alcohol abuse often leads to diseases of the optic nerves, in particular, to the death of nerve fibers and, as a consequence, a gradual decrease in visual acuity. Moreover, even from a small amount of alcohol in the body, intraocular pressure rises sharply, which contributes to poor functioning of the eyes.


Blueberries are extremely healthy berries. In addition to reducing the risk of aging-related deterioration of the brain and helping you to think quickly and learn well what you learn at any age, it also supports your vision. The fact is that this forest berry, thanks to the beneficial substances it contains, helps to maintain visual acuity, relieves general eye fatigue, and even helps prevent much more serious eye diseases that may lie in wait for you in the future.

Please note that it is the berries that are especially good – now a variety of medicines are widespread, which are supposedly based on blueberries. Probably, there is a small percentage of the natural product in them, but still, it is better to give preference to the most real blueberry fruits (by the way, both fresh berries and frozen ones are equally useful).

Correct monitor position

Very often, poor vision is caused by our ignorance of the correct position of the monitor. Yes, it turns out that this is of colossal importance for the quality of our vision. To protect your eyes as much as possible from negative effects, the monitor should be positioned slightly below eye level. This way, your upper eyelid will be lowered, acting as a visor – the evaporation of fluid from your eyes will be significantly reduced, which will allow them to function normally throughout the day and will reduce the likelihood of dry eye syndrome. Also, remember to pay attention to the brightness of your monitor. The ideal condition for eye protection: 40 or 50% brightness, increasing or decreasing unnatural light does irreparable damage to your eyes.

More greenery

Absolutely any greens (only always fresh) is an excellent assistant to our vision: do not hesitate to choose green onions, parsley, dill, salad, or celery – here you can quite rely on your taste. Also, try to include beets in your daily diet whenever possible. This root vegetable contains zinc, which is essential for maintaining visual acuity, and iron, which contributes to the formation of red blood cells, which is necessary for vision and the body as a whole.

Less light

Alas, light, as much as darkness, does not do much good to our eyes. But if darkness is not always dangerous, but more often it is curative, then light should be feared like fire. In sunny weather, even if you want to enjoy such rare warm rays in our area, try not to part with your sunglasses. But do not skimp on your health – glasses must be of very high quality, plastic must be forgotten once and for all, otherwise, entertainment can turn into a real tragedy.

The trouble is that in the hot sun, the plastic begins to release substances that are absolutely incompatible with our health. In addition, chemicals can get not only in your eyes but also in the respiratory tract, so be selective, approach the issue of choosing glasses with special care.

Protective glasses

Remember, when you swim in a pool with a high chlorine content, you are wearing specialized goggles. The same system works with your computer monitor. Protect your eyes! Today there is a wide variety of special glasses that will protect you not only from bleach or welding fire but also from the most ordinary electric light.

The magic effect of such glasses lies in the fact that they do not increase or decrease the picture, that is, in other words, they have no diopters. They are two specially perforated plates attached to the frame. By the way, the correct location of the same holes not only protects, heals the eyes but also creates the illusion of sharp vision.


The rest of your eyes should take place not only late in the evening, after the fog appears in front of your eyes, which is absolutely impossible to cope with, but also during the day until you have time to earn visual strain. Take a break from your computer about once an hour. For this case, doctors have developed a set of special exercises that will not take you much time but will bring significant benefits to your health. For example, you can focus your gaze on a distant point for 30 seconds, then move it to a closer one, and repeat the exercise several times. You can also close your eyes and, without raising your eyelids, draw an imaginary cross with your eyes about ten times. 


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