Stress haunts us every day. This is especially noticeable in large cities, when the pace of life dictates its own conditions, and it is far from always possible to find harmony. Meditation tips can be found from many “gurus”, but more often than not they don’t work because it requires a cleansing of the mind and body
And how to cleanse the body if the stress accumulated during the day cannot find a way out?
Sports will help. How – today we’ll figure it out!


One of the main stress hormones is cortisol. Its main period of secretion is morning, and a decline is observed in the evening. However, more and more often the secretion of cortisol is disturbed, because more and more negative factors act on a person.
The main sources of stress were:


  • financial difficulties
  • looking for extra income
  • failures at work or in the family and others.

Historically, cortisol has been produced in humans under conditions of stress, such as lack of food. Fortunately, in our time this is not the most common reason, although sometimes an empty refrigerator can also provoke a nervous breakdown.

Cortisol‘s job is to optimize the body’s energy expenditure. However, its excessive presence in the blood disrupts the normal functioning of the body and leads to serious changes, such as obesity.
The antagonist of cortisol is endorphin, also known as the “happiness hormone”. However, its purpose is not only a joyful smile and a good mood. Endorphin is one of the main regulators of stress and is produced by the body in response to external stimulation. It reduces pain and stimulates the body’s resources. But euphoria and happiness are more likely provoked by dopamine.
One of the main ways to enrich the blood with endorphins is physical activity. Beta-endorphin, which is actively produced during exercise, is responsible for a good mood in the body. That is why runners have “runner’s euphoria”. Thanks to high doses of dopamine, athletes have high self-esteem and a good attitude towards themselves.
The body’s need for physical activity varies greatly with age.
So, adults need from 150 to 300 minutes of aerobic exercise per week.
It is also recommended to alternate such loads with physical exercises of high and medium intensity. In other words, power.
The WHO recommendations certainly deserve attention. However, remember that you should not work hard and try to close the weekly rate in one day.
Much more effective is to distribute the exercises evenly over 3-4 days.
So you will feel much better, because there will be enough time to rest, and there will be no desire to drop everything and go to lie under the covers.
At Spirit, cardio is easy to do on the treadmill. You don’t even have to run, you can walk at an accelerated pace. You can also twist the ellipse or exercise on a bike or rowing machine.
All the same WHO experts recommend training the main muscle groups (body, arms and legs) at least 2 times a week. This does not mean that you need to train for only two days! You can, for example, give chest muscles Monday, legs Wednesday, and back Saturday.
The main thing is regularity and consistency.
When choosing a load, you should focus on the weight that you can afford. You need to soberly assess your capabilities – do not overdo it. This is fraught with injury! It is better to take a small weight, work out with it, and when you feel progress, gradually increase the load.

Already after the first approach, you will feel a surge of strength and an increase in mood. After all, endorphins, which we talked about a little earlier, will turn on.

Many people associate yoga for some reason with standing on their heads and twisting themselves into a knot. This is wrong. Of course, especially advanced masters develop such dexterity, endurance and flexibility that they can perform incredible exercises without much difficulty.
The main goal of yoga is a complex warm-up and training of almost the entire body.
Thanks to the emphasis on breathing and muscle tension without the use of equipment, yoga is ideal for relieving stress and normalizing blood pressure.
There is a wonderful group program Spirit. Yoga in our network. It will help to find harmony between body and spirit, to concentrate on feelings and emotions. After the first workout, your mood will noticeably improve.
There is another type of training: exercises with a roll to restore and relieve tension in muscles and joints Recover LL. Helps to relax and effectively prepare the body for further stress.
The evolutionary algorithms of behavior embedded in us provided for the ability to release the accumulated stress. Most often, it was provoked either by the search for food, or by danger. “Fight or flight” is a rule that is still relevant today.
It is unlikely that it will be possible to pounce with fists on the offender, but to box with a pear – completely. All the same evolutionary mechanisms will make themselves felt, but you can deceive your own brain.
The feeling of being a winner will quickly lift your spirits and give you a boost of energy.
Many large companies that can afford a gym most often have a punching bag. Some employees even hang her alone in a small room, stick a “boss” sign on top and can lustfully beat her for a couple of minutes.
If you don’t have a punching bag or any other exercise machine at hand, you can always find them in the Spirit.Fitness network.

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