Gym training has its positive aspects. Classes are held in any weather, ideal conditions are created indoors. However, many professional athletes and coaches prefer outdoor fitness.

  1. Fresh air. Exercising in nature is not only pleasant, but also healthier than in the gym. The air quality outdoors is much better than indoors. Outdoor activities improve the athlete’s well-being and the functioning of internal organs.
  2. Brain stimulation. The world around us that we observe on the street is constantly changing. Of course, there is no time to be distracted by his contemplation during training, but the brain still processes new information. Interestingly, such stimulation is favorable for the nervous system. This means that playing sports in nature is more effective than in familiar surroundings.  
  3. Positive emotions. Exercising outside has been proven to reduce anxiety levels and help fight stress, as the sun’s rays activate the production of happiness hormones.
  4. The load on the body is more natural and gentle. Many people tolerate outdoor sports more easily than in the gym, in particular, running.
  5. Some cross-country exercises are performed differently than indoors. This means that outdoor training will help to involve those muscle groups that were not included in the work in the gym.
  6. It’s easy to add novelty to your workout. For this purpose, it is enough to use the natural landscape itself: a variety of types of pavement and elevation changes.

Do you need a coach for outdoor sports?

Of course, outdoor training with a mentor will be more intense, interesting and effective. Club “La Salute” is one of the few that has this service.

We offer 3 options for training outside the gym:

  • group games at a multifunctional stadium with a modern surface (basketball, mini-football, roller skating exercises and many others);
  • express-training at the stadium and in the pool with a total duration of 45 minutes;
  • morning yoga classes.

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