How to quickly and safely lower blood sugar to avoid diabetes and improve the effectiveness of weight loss?
After each meal, the body rises in sugar, which it gets from carbohydrates as it digests food. When sugar enters the bloodstream, the pancreas starts producing insulin, which carries it from the bloodstream to cells for energy.
If the cells have received the required amount of energy, and the person continues to eat, excess sugar is stored as fat. With a constant excess of glucose levels, the pancreas is forced to work day and night to supply the body with insulin in a volume sufficient to remove it from the blood. Over time, she will not withstand the load and will begin to ignore sugar, which is fraught with obesity and diabetes. Normal sugar levels range from 3.8 to 6.0 mmol / L. At a higher value, they speak of hyperglycemia, at a low value, hypoglycemia. The first condition, if untreated, leads to diabetes, the second turns into a hypoglycemic coma. Therefore, the concentration of glucose in the bloodstream should be lowered gradually and carefully. And if this process is permanent, you should consult a doctor.

Attention! Hyperglycemia can be recognized by the following signs: dry mouth, itchy skin, fatigue, excessive appetite, thirst, frequent urination, slow tissue healing. Consider how to lower blood sugar at home using folk remedies and methods to avoid the development of diabetes and normalize body weight.

Replace fast carbs with slow ones

Don’t assume that you can lower your sugar levels by cutting out carbohydrates altogether. First, as already mentioned, it is fraught with a hypoglycemic coma. Second, the body uses glucose as its main source of energy.
It is necessary to pay attention not to their presence in the menu as such, but to their quality. Fast carbohydrates with a high glycemic index are harmful, which instantly enter the bloodstream, leading to a sharp jump in insulin. This is pure sugar and all products containing it, provided that they do not contain useful nutrients: fiber, protein, and fat.

Sugar-lowering foods

Certain foods can lower blood sugar levels. Introduce oysters, which are rich in zinc, which is necessary for insulin production. Eat fresh cucumbers more often, they contain a lot of insulin-like substances. Pamper yourself with blueberries, Jerusalem artichoke, buckwheat, cabbage, beet juice, radish.

Eat Protein and Healthy Fats

Try to get healthy fats and proteins into your body with every meal. They will help by slowing down the release of glucose.

Do intense exercise

Make your cells use up energy faster, and therefore sugar. The only way to do this is by playing sports. The most effective exercise is a high-intensity exercise.

Avoid stress and get enough sleep Finally, get enough sleep and protect yourself from stress. In both cases, the body experiences stress, which is accompanied by the production of cortisol. This hormone signals the body to store fat. As a result, both sugar levels and body fat increase.


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