How to lose weight in the face and cheeks

Chiseled cheekbones, sharp chin and jaw angle… Here she is – the dream of every woman who looks in the mirror in the morning. It happens that she herself seems to be slim, but her face is swollen, her cheeks are round, and her cheekbones were last observed in the senior class. Who is to blame and what to do – read the article.

Causes of fullness of the face and cheeks

Let’s dot the i’s first. We do not consider cheeks and round faces to be not good enough or ugly. We are talking about the features that bother and want to change. All further article is aimed at identifying unwanted or unhealthy roundness of the face. You are smart and beautiful by default!

So, what are the reasons for the appearance of cheeks

  1. Let’s start with the obvious – extra weight. In most people of both sexes with weight gain, deposits are distributed throughout the body. The exceptions are plus-size models, who, with a dense physique, have a thin and embossed face: look at the photos of Ashley Graham and Crystal Renn, from ours – Yulia Lavrova and Katya Zharkova. But Adriana Lima was no exception – when she gained weight, her face became fuller. 

  2. Genetics and structure of the bone skeleton. There are such folk concepts as “narrow” and “wide” bone. So, with a wide bone (this is when the shoulders, pelvis and waist are about 15-20% wider than the average), the bones of the face will also be located a little further. 

  3. The face is swollen due to chronic fatigue and lack of sleep. Not getting enough sleep – cortisol rages and causes fluid stagnation. The cheek is rich in subcutaneous fat, and the bulk of the edema is concentrated there. 

  4. Cheeks rounded due to problems with the endocrine, excretory systems and gastrointestinal tract. Here the situation is complicated by the fact that decay products are retained in the body and the body again retains fluid to remove them.

  5. You regularly borscht with salty foods. Rolls with soy sauce, mom’s chicken with rich mayonnaise, or store-bought salad for lunch – an excess of incoming salt also affects the face

  6. Alcohol, smoking and illegal substances. There is no safe dose for any of the above. All this contributes a huge amount of toxins that the body removes for weeks and months. In men, the renewal of germ cells takes about six months, but women are given a supply of eggs from birth, and any glass of wine can cause (or may not cause, as you’re lucky) irreversible consequences for the unborn fetus. 

  7. You have posture problems. Due to the incorrect position of the head, not only the contour of the face is distorted, but also a second chin appears. The cervical spine provides the work of about 70 facial muscles. If the cervical vertebrae and muscles are spasmodic, then nutrition is disturbed and muscle atrophy increases. There is no clear muscle frame – hello, deformation of proportions, sagging of the face, wrinkles and fleas. 

  8. Malocclusion. Certain positions of the jaws give a bird-like face profile. In this case, the lower and middle parts of the face are positioned so that the chin goes back, and the upper jaw prevails in size. Due to this, the middle part of the face (just where the cheeks are) is larger and a chubby effect is created.

  9. Is it worth it to see a specialist?

    If you are sure that you gained weight due to a banal one-time holiday overeating, then exhale and do not worry. A few days of habitual healthy eating without frills will quietly return you to normal.

    However, there are situations that require the intervention of a doctor, and here they are in a convenient list:

    1. Hormonal disorders. Hormones are real home front workers. A doctor who is friends with hormones is an endocrinologist. There are a number of diseases that lead to an increase in the size of not only the face, but also the jaw, nose, ears, hands and feet. This is a rather rare story and in most cases the patient is aware of his pathology. You can read about the history of Mary Ann Webster’s acromegaly or Itsenko-Cushing’s syndrome in children and adults.

    2. Diseases of the thyroid gland. Here, too, need an endocrinologist. The most common disease in Russia is hypothyroidism (reduced thyroid function). The prevalence of the disease is quite high – out of 1000 women, 21 will have hypothyroidism, and 19 in men. What happens: the face is swollen, especially under the eyes and on the cheekbones, the skin is pale gray. A person is shivering, constantly wanting to sleep, and any trouble causes tears.

    3. Kidney disease. Here, a comrade nephrologist rules and divides, often together with a cardiologist. People with kidney disease often wake up with mild puffiness under the eyes that look more like water bags. Closer to dinner or evening, they decrease or completely disappear.  

    4. Diseases of the cardiovascular system. Not only does the heart also make itself felt, but stable dense edema also appears on the face and legs, which do not go away without special therapy.

    5. High BMI. Here the situation is such that most people need the help of a nutritionist and a psychologist. It happens that the reasons for overeating lie not only in the love of food but also in any psychological defense mechanisms. Do not be shy to seek help from nutritionists and psychologists, the days when it was considered shameful are gone. On your own, you can spend years on weight loss-return cycles, also with an additional plus on the scales. 

    6. Nutrition for slimming face. Life hacks and nutritional features.

      There are several adequate ways to reduce the number of incoming calories without difficulty, registrations and SMS:

      1. Choose less fatty foods. 
      2. Replace half of the pasta/buckwheat/rice on a plate with any vegetables. 
      3. Buy an oil spray. 
      4. Buy special dishes that do not require oil at all. 
      5. Cut down on snacks
      6. Well, stop filling coffee with cream, syrups, marshmallows, and other high-calorie bombs. 

      Training is a must. This is an axiom of axioms. There is not and will not be clear instruction on what sport you need. 

      Maybe the one you did as a kid and then abandoned. Nordic walking with sticks in the park near the house. Classes at home are also suitable – no need to waste time on the road and meet with fitness girls from the gym. It’s your choice and yours alone.

      A sore subject for all those who lose weight in face and body is proper nutrition and foods that need to be included in your diet. There is a stereotype that PP is steamed chicken breast, a bowl of buckwheat without salt and oil, and a few slices of cucumber. It’s good that this is just a stereotype.

      What is the right diet for losing weight young ladies:

      1. Moderate calorie deficit. There are special online calculators, do not bother with manual calculations. Of course, it is difficult to refuse the temptation to lose 10 kg in half an hour, but we strive for beauty and harmony. So let’s change slowly and let your skin keep up with your changes! 

      2. In total, about 500-600 grams of any vegetables, fruits, berries and herbs per day. In practice, this is 1 serving of salad plus an apple or banana. Fiber removes everything superfluous from the intestines and does not allow toxins and toxins to stagnate, thereby eliminating and preventing edema.

      3. Protein  in every meal. Chicken, fish, cheese, egg – whatever you like. Why it’s so important: Protein gives you long-term satiety. There is no desire to walk and bite, but there is a good mood and well-being. Protein intake will help in the synthesis of elastin and collagen and will not let your face hang like a sad canvas.

      4. Complex carbohydrates are needed!  Macaroni is possible, and even necessary! Porridge is our strength, as they say. Complex carbs + protein = satiety for hours and productivity in training! Try whole grain pasta sprinkled with cheese – mmmm, delicious!

      5. Fats. Without them, the cycle will fly, the skin will dry out and the libido will go to distant lands. Your neighbor’s Rottweiler will start to be afraid of you if you don’t eat at least a handful of nuts a day or dress your salad with a spoonful of unrefined butter. Do not be afraid of fats, they are our big and good friends! Especially in terms of weight loss. Do you want to have a bulk apple, and not royal-dried apricots? So fats are also needed for this! Don’t be afraid of a good butter 82.5% butter sandwich or grandma’s salted lard.

    7. What foods to limit not only during weight loss?

      Remember forever: there are no prohibited foods. You can eat a sandwich with butter. You can eat pizza with your friends. You can eat granny cabbage rolls with gravy. Only one thing matters a portion of this food. A small burger is equal in calories to a serving of soup with bread.  Sometimes it will be more useful to eat a burger and not torment yourself with remorse.

    8. They contribute to the development of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases, worsening the lipid profile. Secondly, they reduce the sensitivity of pancreatic cells to insulin, bringing type 2 diabetes closer. Thirdly, they increase the overall level of inflammation in the body.

      How to find and eliminate them from your table? Trans fats can potentially, but not necessarily (!) be found in: 

      • vegetable, vegetable-creamy fats, vegetable-fat mixtures;
      • margarines and spreads;
      • cocoa butter substitutes;
      • confectionery and bakery fats;
      • milk fat substitutes (here we study the label!);
      • vegetable cream;
      • hydrogenated/partially hydrogenated oil.

      Strive to minimize trans fat foods in your diet, as advised by the World Health Organization.

      You should not get carried away with pasties in dubious eateries, where the oil is not changed from the word at all. But running in fear from any meal with margarine or french fries from a burger is not at all necessary if this is a one-time action and not the basis of the diet.

      Theory is theory, but what about in practice? Here are examples of dishes that fit the above criteria.


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