How to lose weight for the summer: 5 fat-burning exercises and tips from a pro

How to lose weight for the summer: where to start

The first thing to start with is to review your diet. First of all, remove all sugar-containing foods and simple carbohydrates: bread, buns, fast food, and carbonated drinks. Instead, switch to complex: rice, buckwheat, lentils, and other cereals. Add more fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as greens, to your diet. Try to eat at the same time and do not skip main meals.

For beginners, it will be useful to count calories – thanks to this, you will be able to assess how much you exceed your norm. Connect activity to proper nutrition, for this it is not necessary to buy a subscription to the gym. It is enough, for example, to walk more.

What to do if there is no time for a full workout

If you don’t have time for a full workout, then 30-40 minutes of walking outside or cycling will do. You can increase the load by walking up the hill or up the stairs if you live in an apartment building. However, I recommend using a heart rate monitor to track your heart rate. It should be in the range of 120-130 beats per minute, then fat burning training will be more effective.

Already these actions will be enough to see the first results.

5 exercises for home workouts: lose fat

Climbing the bench

Take a chair and stand in front of it. Feet shoulder width apart, hands on the belt. Place your right foot on the edge of the chair and rise, transferring your body weight to the leg (lifting should be done using the muscles of the front leg). Then slowly step back with your left foot and return to the starting position.

Do 15-20 lifts on the right leg, and then on the left.

Jumping with arms and legs

Stand up straight: feet together, hands along the waist. Make a jump so that the arms and legs are out to the sides (the body will resemble a starfish), and then return to the starting position. Do intense jumps for 1-2 minutes.


Stand in a boxer’s stance, bend your arms at the elbows, clench your fists. Start boxing alternately with your hands. Change the intensity of the blow as needed. Do the exercise for 3 minutes without stopping.

Horizontal running

Starting position – lying emphasis, the same as with push-ups (arms are straight, the body is a flat horizontal line). Alternately pull your knees to your chest, simulating a run. Do the exercise for 2 minutes without stopping.

Jump Lunges

Stand straight, feet shoulder-width apart, hands clasped at the chest. Make a soft jump with both legs at the same time: right forward – so that the leg forms an angle of 90 degrees at the knee, and left back, down with the knee. Then return to the starting position. Perform jumps for 1 minute.

How to stay motivated and exercise regularly

Reflection in the mirror is the best motivator. Unfortunately, without sport, a beautiful and embossed body cannot be achieved, no matter how unlucky you are with genetics. When you work and see the result (and it will definitely be with the observance of the diet and training), it inspires without outside help.

Praise yourself more often, but do not reward with sweets, take care of your body more: do massages, body wraps, scrubs and other procedures – they are also very motivating.


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