Rapid weight loss is very harmful. Such weight loss can be justified when an athlete is preparing for a performance or a bride needs to fit into a wedding dress. In other cases, it is violence against the body. In addition, the weight is always returned with a large margin.
We tell you how to lose weight in a week and what will happen to your body after such extreme weight loss. And you already decide for yourself what suits you and what does not.

On the Internet, they constantly talk about effective diets, miracle cures and products that help to lose weight: hot peppers, a slice of lemon, lingonberry leaves or some kind of cocktail. In fact such products would burn fat or significantly accelerate metabolism. Therefore, the only way to lose weight is to increase activity and create a calorie deficit.
The only way to lose weight is to increase activity and create a calorie deficit.
Our body obeys the law of conservation of energy, so the principle of losing weight is simple: spend more calories than you get. To lose extra pounds, you need to increase physical activity. When the body has nowhere to replenish reserves for the next load, it will turn to its hiding place on the tummy – this will lead to weight loss.
The conditional daily activity rate is 10,000 steps. But in order to quickly lose weight, it needs to be increased to at least 12,000 and preferably doubled.

For example, try to walk to work, climb the stairs, take a long walk with the dog – this way you will gradually gain 20,000 steps.

The norm of 20,000 steps is conditional. It can be replaced with other physical exercises or a combination of activities. Almost every smartphone has a step counter, but fitness bracelets and fitness watches count even more accurately.
The body always strives to survive – for him this is the main task. To sustain life, it needs to feed the brain, pump blood, supply cells with nutrients, and get rid of waste. For this work, the body needs energy: it can be obtained from food or taken from its own reserves. So, if you create a calorie deficit, the body will be forced to expend energy from its stash.
Reduce calories by 25%.
For example, if you normally eat 1800 calories, then you need to eat 1350 calories for the entire week.
Take away a quarter of the serving. If you have never dealt with food and its calorie content, then we advise you to simply reduce the size of your usual portion by a quarter.
Cut the whole diet , not just one product: you can’t remove all the potatoes in French meat, but eat a full serving of meat. Therefore, put both of them, but less by 25%.
Eat in a balanced way. Try to eat your 1350 calories not from cookies and chocolates, but to eat balanced diets with cereals, chicken, turkey, vegetables, cottage cheese and so on. So you will have more energy for physical activity.
Eat in the right proportion. The body needs proteins, fats and carbohydrates to function properly. Therefore, if you decide to give up any one nutrient for a long time, this will greatly undermine your health. For example, a girl may lose her menstrual cycle, and a young man’s libido will decrease. Therefore, we advise you to eat your calories in the correct ratio:
Follow the plate rule. If you find it hard to deal with calories, there is an easier diet for weight loss – the plate rule. Here’s what the plate should be made of:

  • Half: cold-processed salads or vegetables
  • Quarter: meat, poultry or fish
  • Quarter: rice, potatoes, buckwheat or pasta
Even with weight loss, a special massage can help – manual lipoplasty. During lipoplasty, subcutaneous fat is broken. Local weight loss is impossible, but it is quite possible to influence problem areas with the help of local massage.
Short. You can lose up to 5 kilograms.
Detailed. Weight loss is an individual thing. While one person loses 5 kilograms a week, the other does not think to move the weight. But the main pattern is that more weight goes faster.

For example, Lena and Pasha decided to lose weight. Pasha weighs 110 kilograms, and Lena 54. After a week’s diet, Pasha’s weight is 106 kg, and Lena’s is 53.5 kg. The thing is that Lena’s figure is already close to optimal, and Pasha is still far from a balanced figure, conceived by evolution.

One thing unites them: after an emergency weight loss, both will return to their previous weight, possibly with a margin. Because a slim figure is not radical methods, but a way of life.
A slim figure is not a radical method, but a way of life
With a sharp calorie restriction, the body urgently loses weight. He has not yet understood that they want to leave him without energy, and manages his metabolism as he is used to: he takes energy from his reserves and maintains the usual level of activity for it.
When the body realizes that a carbohydrate bun does not shine for it, it begins to adapt: ​​it slows down all processes, including weight loss. This is how our body tries not to die.
Weakness. A person in a severe calorie deficit feels much worse than a person in affluence or surplus. In order not to die, the body begins to adapt to new conditions and reduces activity. It becomes more difficult for a person to perform normal movements: climb stairs, carry heavy packages from the store, or pick up a child. Thus, energy consumption is reduced, fat and muscle go less. This is how adaptation happens.
Undermining the stomach. After severe food restrictions, it is difficult for the stomach to return to a normal amount of food. This is due to the fact that he weaned from volumes, becomes a little smaller in size and the previous volume no longer fit. Even after a hunger strike, it is difficult for the stomach to digest food, especially complex food. Therefore, after severe restrictions, people eat vegetables and baby food – this food is considered easily digestible.
Drowsiness. Due to prolonged fasting, the body will get tired faster. It will be harder for a person to perform the usual labor volumes and will want to lie down and rest as soon as possible. Sometimes sleep can be more fruitful, because the body needs recovery, and in other cases, with severe hunger, on the contrary, it is impossible to fall asleep.
Any diet should be followed under the supervision of a doctor: first, anamnesis is collected, then the patient takes tests, and only after that the doctor recommends a diet and monitors the dynamics. A fitness trainer is not competent in these matters.
⛔️ Don’t: pressure problems. The organism of hypertonic and hypotonic patients can react unpredictably. Due to extreme weight loss, you can faint. Therefore, no matter how desirable the wedding is, it is better if the bride appears healthy and smiling.
⛔️ Dangerous: diabetes. A person with diabetes can fall into a hypoglycemic coma. This is due to a lack of sugar and a large amount of insulin.
⛔️ Not worth it: other chronic diseases. Seriously. Losing weight in a week is harmful and dangerous even for a healthy person, and even more so for people with chronic diseases. Better to see a doctor first.

It is important to know:

  • Any “weight loss in a week” is a lure. Such headlines are designed for people who do not understand the issue, but are urgently looking for a solution to their problem. We are glad that you have already started to understand. Read our other articles written by experts with love for science and practice.
  • Losing weight in a week is absurd , except when the athlete does not pass the weight before the competition, and the bride does not fit into the dress. But even in this case, what is more important for the bride? Minus 5 kg and a fainting state or a familiar figure, but in a good mood?
  • Dietary Supplements, Individual Foods, and Magic Weight Loss Techniques Don’t Work To lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you take in. Everything else either has almost no effect, or the machinations of marketers.
  • If you still take risks, then the method is this: Calculate the rate on the calculator, create a deficit of 500 calories and increase activity to 12,000-20,000 steps.

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