How much coffee can you drink per day and how to replace it in case of intolerance

Someone needs to start the day with coffee to cheer up and wake up. Others cannot imagine meeting friends without a cup of flat white or ice latte and a long walk around the city. Coffee is popular in every country, and in acceptable amounts it is even beneficial to health. At the same time, there are many studies that study not only the beneficial, but also the harmful qualities of coffee. Together with experts from the iHerb vitamin and natural supplements marketplace for a healthy lifestyle, we will figure out how coffee works on the body and what can be used to replace the drink if there is a specific intolerance.

Why coffee can harm

Coffee misleads the body. The first thing the word “coffee” is associated with is cheerfulness. Many people notice that after strong coffee the feeling of sleepiness disappears, energy appears and the mood rises. But few people think about how exactly the drink acts on a person.

Adenosine is found in the cells of the body. It participates in the formation of adenosine triphosphate (in other words, ATP), which can be called “energy currency”, the main source of energy. Adenosine also regulates sleep and wakefulness: during long periods of wakefulness, it accumulates in the body, and decreases during sleep. Therefore, when there is too much adenosine in the cells of the body, it affects the receptors of the nerve cells, suggesting that it is time for rest.

It can be said that coffee prevents adenosine from signaling fatigue to receptors by blocking the signal being sent. The body stops feeling sleepy and continues to work. Although this is only a delusion into which he was introduced by the drunk coffee.

Who can drink coffee

Since caffeine affects receptors in the cardiovascular system, the nervous system, kidneys and in the gastrointestinal tract, it is imperative that the person who drinks coffee does not have health problems in these areas. This can be determined in two proven ways. You can observe how you feel after drinking coffee. If the heartbeat increases, anxiety and restlessness appear, it is advisable to reduce the amount of coffee. You can also take a test to diagnose food intolerances, including caffeine.

How much coffee can you drink per day

The optimal amount is two cups a day. Do not abuse caffeine: even if you do not have a tendency to the above diseases, the systematic consumption of three to four cups of coffee a day can increase the risk of problems in the future. You also do not need to drink coffee on an empty stomach, so as not to cause heartburn. Start your morning with a glass of water, and after 20-30 minutes move on to coffee and breakfast.

How to replace coffee

For many, coffee is a pleasant tradition. This is a separate pleasure: to come to a cozy coffee shop, order a drink and enjoy its aroma and taste. Therefore, not everyone can “get off” with coffee: it seems that the alternative will be very different and have nothing to do with real coffee. This is a misconception. You can find options that are similar to coffee in properties, and even that bring more benefits to the body.

The first most popular coffee replacements are chicory and dandelion root. Due to the special mixture of roasted roots, the drink acquires a coffee taste, but without acidity and bitterness. You don’t even need to add sugar to it – dandelion and chicory roots contain natural fructose, which gives the drink a sweet taste. It is easy to adjust the saturation: if one tablespoon is enough to get a complete alternative to coffee, and a teaspoon is enough to brew a light, weak drink. The same mixture can be added instead of coffee when preparing desserts.

Barley-based Pero is another popular coffee substitute that is gaining recognition for its flavor and naturalness. Unlike a mix of chicory and dandelion, one teaspoon will be enough when preparing a drink to create a coffee equivalent. Milk and sweetener can be added to the drink. But it is not suitable for those who are allergic to gluten.

Unlike coffee, alternatives can be purchased in a variety of flavors. For example, try Teeccino herbal coffee with chicory and orange. The drink mix contains dates, figs, orange peel, almonds, barley and chicory – a vitamin bomb for the body. This option is suitable for those who prefer milder and creamier drinks tastes. The carob in the mixture is known for its chocolate flavor. Lovers of the drink say that it is ideal both hot and cold – in hot weather you can prepare a refreshing cocktail with ice with it.


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