Healthy digestive system

Every day we wash our faces, but people rarely think about whether to cleanse the intestines. Our digestive tract is like a sewer in a house, while the small intestine is a sewer pipe, and the colon is a sump. When fats and waste are drained daily into the sewer, the pipes become clogged. The sump should be periodically cleaned.

The same thing happens with our digestive tract. When you empty fatty foods daily, there are too many dairy products, meat and other products containing toxic elements, food waste accumulates in it.

If you allow these residues of food breakdown to accumulate in your intestines, you will suffer from auto-toxicity (self-poisoning) – a disease that arises from the absorption of metabolic waste, decomposed substances from the intestines, or products of dead and infected tissues. Toxins can be carried by the blood to all parts of the body and enter every cell, causing various forms of the disease.

Therefore, a healthy digestive system is the key not only to effective weight control but also to well-being. If cleansing is carried out correctly, then most people increase their efficiency, leave extra pounds and there is a feeling of lightness in the body. People feel internally rejuvenated, creative activity is on the rise.

And now we will talk about the main principles of healthy digestion:

  1. Stop eating at night. Sleep on an “empty” stomach is a detoxification and bowel cleansing session, and a hearty dinner turns night into a self-poisoning procedure. This does not mean that you need to fast in the evening. There is a separate article on the topic < “The right dinner” in which you will learn: what time to have dinner, what should be dinner in terms of volume and composition, etc.
  2. Stop eating fatty and fried foods and sweets! Fatty and fried foods and sweets inhabit the intestines. Their excess, mixed with the natural intestinal mucus, turns into slag and is deposited wherever possible. This does not mean that you need to completely abandon fats, eat a moderate amount of healthy fats – unsaturated fats found in olive oil, nuts, seeds and oily fish (salmon, sardines, fresh tuna and mackerel).
  3. Drink plenty of water.All metabolic processes occur in the aquatic environment. Water removes waste from the body and regulates digestion. The lack of water inhibits the processes of natural cleansing of the body and causes constant self-poisoning of cells, tissues and organs. Increased slag accumulation is found in people chronically “not doping” water. Drink 8-10 glasses of pure water per day (the norm is 30 ml/kg of weight) and discard sweet juices and soda. People sometimes confuse thirst with hunger. This means that you can ultimately eat extra calories, although in fact, your body needed a large glass of water. If you are a fan of sugary drinks, then add a slice of citrus or a little juice (preferably fresh). Drink green tea, you can add a little raspberry or peach to the tea, which will give it a pleasant taste, and contain very few calories.
  4. Eat fiber-rich foods(dietary fiber), such as wholemeal bread, premium pasta, brown rice (wild), beans, lentils, nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables. Fiber has a unique ability to clean the digestive tract from toxins. It all starts with cleaning and restoring the function of the villi, which accounts for the main load of assimilation of food, and ends with an improvement in intestinal motility, which leads to a more intense release of the body from all types of toxins. There is a separate article on the subject of fiber.
  5. Eat homemade food. Food prepared at home is much more diverse, colorful and healthy than any purchase and, moreover, semi-finished or fast food. Thus, you know for sure that home-cooked food does not contain suspicious foods and various food additives.
  6. Get rid of excess weight. According to nutrition experts and nutritionists, a balanced diet with a high protein and moderate carbohydrate content, as well as a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise, will give you excellent potential in losing excess weight. Getting enough protein helps preserve muscle mass and helps burn fat while maintaining a feeling of satiety for longer. So be sure to include healthy protein-rich foods in your diet, such as yogurt, cheese, nuts, and beans, etc. As for carbohydrates, give preference to complex carbohydrates.
  7. Use specialized foods to improve digestion.

Drink natural drinks that promote bowel function, such as Aloe Vera. They can also have a calming effect on the intestines, irritated by irregular, heavy or fatty foods and helps the body to naturally cleanse itself.

If you can not give the body the required amount of fiber from ordinary food, then enrich your diet with special dietary supplements containing special components. They contribute to the emulsification (digestion, breakdown) of fats during digestion and contain dietary fiber (fiber), helping to remove waste and waste from the gastrointestinal tract.

There are special Herbal drinks that contain antioxidants and speed up the metabolism (due to which more calories are burned), which contribute to weight loss and give a boost of energy.


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