Perhaps you have more than once come across the opinion that pregnant women should not strain, lift things heavier than an orange, and generally move a lot. Many of you gave up sports and fitness during pregnancy, fearing to harm your baby or yourself. As a result, due to the sedentary period in your life, you have gained extra pounds and cannot get rid of them even after pregnancy.

We are in a hurry to please and dispel your doubts: fitness is not only not harmful for pregnant women, it is extremely necessary for them! And among the many ways to stay fit during pregnancy, you will definitely find one that you like.

One of the most common reasons for quitting fitness is a lack of funds. However, who said training should definitely empty your wallet? For example, when doing fitness during pregnancy, you can use a gym ball – fitball. Combining fitball exercises with dumbbells will help you strengthen the muscles in your shoulders, arms and back. In turn, strengthened muscles will relieve you of the back pain that so often occurs during pregnancy.
Fitball for pregnant women strengthens the pelvic floor muscles, and also develops coordination, balance and increases the functionality of the body. The correct size of the ball is essential. Below are the dimensions of the fitball, depending on the height.

Height less than 152 cm – diameter of the fitball is 45 cm.
Height from 152 to 165 cm – fitball diameter 55 cm.
Height from 165 to 185 cm – diameter of the fitball is 65 cm.
Height from 185 to 202 cm – fitball diameter 75 cm.
Height over 202 cm – fitball diameter 85 cm.
Walking on a treadmill is the simplest and safest method of maintaining tone and fitness. This is considered a lightweight form of fitness since the positive effects of walking on the body are not immediately felt.
The most important thing to consider when doing treadmill walking is comfortable running shoes. When purchasing a shoe, pay attention to the material from which it is made, as well as the flexibility of its sole.

If you did yoga before pregnancy, pregnancy is not a reason to quit exercising. On the contrary, the practice of yoga will be a great alternative to other activities. Yoga helps to eliminate many of the unpleasant moments that accompany pregnancy. If you have never attended a yoga class before, then it is not recommended to start classes in the middle of pregnancy – you risk getting injured.

Improper exercise technique during pregnancy can harm the developing fetus. Therefore, while practicing yoga, try to follow these guidelines. You are contraindicated:

Bending forward from a prone position
Difficult poses (such as backbends)
Any inverted poses


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