Often a woman, having learned about her pregnancy, is ready to immediately give up on herself and her figure. She loses all control over her lifestyle and diet, allowing herself everything that the capricious “pregnant” organism only wants.

In addition, most pregnant women are of the wrong opinion that physical activity during this period of life is highly undesirable and stop visiting the  fitness center. As a result, after giving birth, having gained extra 10-15 kilograms, a woman struggles with them with difficulty, trying all kinds of diets.

Above all, if you want to stay healthy and lean as a mom-to-be, you need to develop the right eating and fitness habits. Special exercises for pregnant women will help you to maintain the tone and physical shape throughout the pregnancy.

In general, a healthy pregnant woman is recommended to exercise daily for up to an hour. However, it should be remembered that if you feel unwell, the exercise should be reduced or stopped altogether. If you are starting to play sports for the first time, you are probably asking the question “Which sport to choose?”


When choosing the type of training, it is worth considering that during pregnancy the hormone relaxin is produced in the woman’s body, thanks to which the pelvic bones soften and pass during childbirth. Loose ligaments are less effective at restraining joints when you jump or stumble over something. Therefore, you do not need to get involved in sports, in which you have to make sudden movements and keep balance.


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