Exercises for protrusion of the spine

Many people with lower back pain try to limit their mobility: sit and lie more, go out less often. However, this approach will only exacerbate the situation. Movement and exercise therapy are part of the treatment for almost all back problems. With protrusion of the spine, exercises and light gymnastics also showed their effectiveness. But you should not forget about contraindications and mode.

What is a protrusion?

Between the vertebrae are fibrous rings with a gelatinous nucleus. They provide movement and cushion the vertebrae with any change in position. After injury or illness, the structure of the ring may change. A condition in which the nucleus extends beyond the fibrous ring is called a herniated disc. Protrusion is a similar process in which the core of the disc changes position, but does not yet go beyond it. We can say that protrusion is the initial stage of hernia formation.

Often patients believe that the protrusion is not dangerous and does not need to be treated. However, it can lead to further destruction of the intervertebral disc and complications on the spine.

Contraindications for gymnastics

Gymnastics must be allowed by the attending physician based on the results of the examination (including MRI ). It is forbidden to carry out during an exacerbation and in the presence of pain in the affected area. In addition, exercises can not be carried out with:

  • inflammation,
  • heart disease,
  • infectious diseases,
  • internal bleeding.

In other cases, exercise therapy will only benefit. But when drawing up a training program, it is necessary to take into account:

  • age,
  • disease stage,
  • place of protrusion.

There are different exercises for different places of protrusion. But all of them are aimed at the same thing: improving blood circulation, increasing activity, stretching the vertebrae and eliminating disc displacement.

Rules for conducting classes

Wear comfortable clothing for the exercise. Do not forget about shoes: if you do gymnastics barefoot, you can shift the load and injure your spine even more.

For gymnastics with protrusion, no equipment is needed. You may only need a chair and a yoga mat if the floor is too slippery without it. Remember that there should be no discomfort from classes.

Before you start exercising, be sure to warm up all the muscles:

  • if you do not have protrusion of the cervical region: tilt your head to the sides, forward and backward – 5 times in each direction;
  • rotate the carpal, elbow and shoulder joints – 3-5 times in each direction;
  • stand on your toes 10 times;
  • rotate at the knees – 5-7 times clockwise and counterclockwise.

You can start gymnastics after a hot shower: so the body will be warm enough. But a warm-up is also necessary in order to avoid joint injuries.


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