5 reasons to exercise

So, why is it still worth doing fitness, and what are the benefits of it?

1 reason: health is the source of life
Physical exercises are suitable both for strengthening health and for its restoration: after injuries, surgeries, and past illnesses.

Reason 2: stress resistance is the key to calmness
No matter how full your day is: cleaning, cooking, work, raising children, at the same time you still need to take care of yourself – all day long we are sprayed on endless things, we are in continuous nervous tension, we despair, and eventually we get depressed. Therefore, it is important to have stress resistance.

Physical exercises help to train psychological stamina and teach you to correctly set goals and priorities, which contributes to invulnerability to stress.

3 reasons: endorphins – a charge of happiness and weight control
Endorphins are one of the neurotransmitters that the human brain produces on its own. They are also called the “hormone of happiness.” Conclusion: Exercising makes you happier. Endorphins give not only high spirits but also suppress cortisol – the “stress hormone”, that controls appetite.


Reason 4: Self-improvement is the way to find your true self.
Physical exercises are associated with overcoming weaknesses, knowing your capabilities, reassessing values, and many other things that build character.

Reason 5: beautiful appearance
Imagine that in a month or two of fitness classes, once again coming to work, your colleagues will look at your figure with envy and compliment you.

And so what we end up with:

  • Cheerfulness and good mood
  • Sound, healthy sleep
  • Self-confidence
  • Endurance physical and mental
  • A fit figure, for which you are not ashamed

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