3 MAIN BUTTOCKS Growth Components


✔️ Workouts

✔️  Sleep

All this is closely interconnected and does not work separately🙈

1. If you train, but do not eat right, there will be no result. Training triggers future muscle growth, and growth itself depends on the quality of nutrition and recovery.

2. If you eat right (and you need a calorie surplus to build muscle) but don’t exercise, you’ll just get fat fast. Extra calories simply have nowhere to go.

3. If you train and eat right, but at the same time sleep for 3 hours, then you will not see big priests again. Muscles grow during rest. You need to sleep for 7-8 hours 👌🏻

And yes, only training will not bring you the desired result, even if they are written by the best coach.
Training is only 30% of your success, 60% is nutrition and 10% is sleep.

The most important secret: Nutrition + Training + Sleep = Beautiful 🍑


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