Summer vacation from work and fitness: how not to lose shape?

The hot summer has begun, and this is the holiday season. And although June is really very hot, many of us still happily pack our bags, hurry to the airport or train station to go closer to the sea.

Vacation is useful! A change of scenery helps the head to relax from work. But your body, on the contrary, has to withstand one or two weeks of testing on the all-inclusive system.

The body without training under the onslaught of high-calorie dishes and sweet desserts will quickly switch to a mode of accumulation of fat reserves. From an evolutionary point of view, everything is correct: the body begins to rest and store up for the future. It is not worth it to completely deprive him of rest, and completely forbid all sweets to yourself. In the end, your vacation is not endless, it will end, you will return to your usual way of life, come back to the fitness club and quickly lose weight.

But the main thing that you should do is not to make drastic and significant changes in diet and loads

Therefore, try to follow these rules:

  1. At least a couple of times during the holidays, do strength training, work out with your own weight: warm-up, push-ups, squats, twists. You can do all this very well. Arrange some intense approaches for yourself. Allow 30-40 minutes for this. Better yet, get up early (before the heat and crowds of vacationers) to practice on the beach in the rays of dawn. Combine business with pleasure. You’ll also make a magic photo for Instagram 📷
  2. Swim daily! Swimming is not only excellent cardio but also a good load on almost all muscle groups. If you don’t feel this load, then it’s time to move from a shallow pool to the sea or the ocean and there, with your heart, beat a crab
  3. The buffet beckons with sweet and fatty dishes. OK, we agreed that a little vacation is possible. But at the same time, apply yourself even more fresh vegetables: fiber will help your gastrointestinal tract to cope with meat dishes, and also accelerate the filling of your stomach (and, therefore, you can feel full even without eating a huge steak). In general, more vegetables 🥦

That’s all. Many rules – not necessary. But these three are necessary to observe. They are enough not to lose their shape on vacation. And how to get it back – your coach will tell you in the gym after he sees your gorgeous tan.

Although there is another slippery topic. Many also cannot do without alcohol on vacation, but it upsets the water-salt balance, creates swelling, and slows down the metabolism. And when intoxicated, you lose control of your diet. There is no question of any training after strong libations. Just spend your health! Therefore, if you can not give up alcohol on vacation, then at least greatly reduce the amount and degree.

I hope that your vacation will be a success! We will be glad to read in the comments what tricks you personally use so that you do not fall out of rhythm on vacation, and when you return home – quickly get involved in work and training.


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