Slim and not starve: 5 tips for those who decided to lose weight by the summer

Traffic collapse is the definition used by news agencies when a city gets stuck in traffic jams. With the beginning of spring, the same collapse can be observed not only on the roads, but also in fitness clubs. After all, as soon as the warm spring sun appeared, people actively begin to take care of themselves, so that urgently, three months before summer, they finally get into shape, which they will proudly demonstrate on the coasts of the Red or Mediterranean Seas, if the budget allows.

Yes, spring is the time when fitness clubs are filled to the maximum with people, and the sales department replenishes the lion’s share of the annual budget. But no matter how many doctors and professional trainers insist that it is better to train regularly, but little by little, our people still start training at the last moment, which can, among other things, do some harm to health. So how to protect yourself from the possible unpleasant consequences of prolonged inactivity and how in general is it correct and safe to start training so that both the result is and the health is strengthened?

Check your health

Most of the clients of fitness clubs are, in one way or another, overweight people. You can find out how many extra pounds you carry on yourself in this article. As you know, there are four degrees of obesity, and the greater the degree, the more dangerous uncontrolled loads, because excess weight is not only an increased load on the joints and spine but also a number of hidden problems that a person may not yet know about. Therefore, if you are overweight, be sure to consult with a cardiologist to understand whether your blood pressure is increasing or not. It is also necessary to take a blood sugar test in order to exclude a diagnosis such as diabetes mellitus.

If you have too many extra pounds, and because of a sedentary lifestyle, you still have pain in your back, joints or legs, be sure to consult a neurologist and orthopedist. Many, especially girls, may find it useful to consult a phlebologist because varicose veins are a frequent consequence of excess weight.

But if you have found this or that health problem, this is not a reason to give up training, rather, on the contrary, you can and should do it, but subject to the recommendations of the appropriate specialist.


Start gradually

Even if you do not have any health problems, you are young and beautiful, or there are still some limitations, absolutely all people who have not trained for months or even years should start regular training gradually and dose. After all, there are enthusiasts who, like that, unceremoniously, begin to catch up on lost time and spend hours at a fitness club. As a result, severe muscle pain, loss of energy, sleep disturbance, and often injury. Remember, our body is not a ball, the gained kilograms of excess fat will not melt before our eyes, and muscles will not grow in a couple of weeks.

Everything related to the figure is regular, systematic work. Remember, the slower the result, the more stable it is, which means there is simply nowhere to rush. For complete beginners, I advise you to train no more than three times a week for the first two weeks, gradually increasing the load in the gym or in the cardio zone. As soon as you feel that this load is easy for you, feel free to increase that and the number of workouts per week.’


Any full workout lasts an hour

As you know, there are two main types of training – cardio, or aerobic, training and strength training. The main task of cardio training is to strengthen the cardiovascular system, improve the overall health of the body and, as a result of such training, reduce body fat mass (weight loss). This workout should last at least 45 minutes, but not more than an hour. If you train correctly, do not mess around, then this effect will be more than enough to really lose weight.

Strength training helps us build muscle, which is especially important for back pain and low endurance in general. With the help of strength training, you not only change the proportions of your body, but also lose weight faster, because the muscles will “eat” more extra calories. But it is very important to understand that these workouts must be performed on different days precisely because they solve completely different goals and objectives.

Why am I putting such an emphasis on this? To show that if you come to the cardio zone, then you train only in it, you decided to visit the gym, then you train completely there. Thus, you do not need to spend hours in the fitness club, wearing out your body with excessive stress. Any full-fledged workout lasts an hour, and this is an axiom for fitness. But in total there can be up to six such workouts per week.


You need to rest from any kind of activity, and from training too, even if it seems to you that you have not done anything for many years and now is the time to plow, and not relax. Indeed, you should not relax, but if you do not have the normal opportunity to fully recover, the result will begin to suffer.

To drink or not to drink?

This is one of the most popular questions for newcomers to fitness clubs, because someone in ancient times told them that if you drink during exercise, the kidneys will “fall off” and the liver will become inflamed. Unfortunately, such nonsense is not uncommon in our time. Drinking during any type of workout is not just possible, but necessary. The fact is that with sweat we remove not only vital water from the body, but also a large amount of so-called mineral salts, which, especially with intense exertion, can lead to muscle spasms and even convulsions. Therefore, during your workout, drink plain mineral water, most importantly, without gases and dyes. Drink a little at a time, on average, half a liter of water is enough for a workout.


If you finally decide to take care of yourself, this is very commendable, but at the same time you need to understand: if you, due to inexperience, make a number of mistakes, this will not only negatively affect your result, but can also lead to injury, which means training regularly you just stop.



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