Morning workouts: benefit or harm?

Of course, in order to answer 100% correctly, you need to consider the individual characteristics of a person: his sleep, nutrition, work schedule, the presence of chronic diseases. All these data can and should be analyzed by a good trainer. 

But the coach will be able to do this only after the person arrives in the gym. In the meantime, we will discuss the “average” person who can go to bed at 23:00 and get up at 6:00, and also starts his working day no earlier than 9:00.

For our hero, morning training will be the most effective and useful.

Why? I’ll tell you about several reasons:

  1. In the morning, there is a peak in the level of growth hormone, which has a fat-burning effect.
  2. Exercising in the morning will help reduce the amount of food throughout the day. The hormones of joy that people so often get at the expense of food can also be obtained with physical activity. Motivation is also important for moderate nutrition. It is unlikely that a person who zealously burned 100-300 kcal will replenish the energy reserve with two sweets with sweet tea.
  3. I will quote one of my clients: “In the morning I trained and was free further.” It’s true. There is not enough time for training after and even more so during the working day. In the evening, fatigue from work accumulates and other excuses appear to skip the workout. In the morning, on the contrary, things have not yet piled on you, you have the opportunity to start the whole organism with a pure mind (including, of course, the brain)
  4. Exercise enhances metabolism. You will receive enhanced metabolism within 12 hours after training. But if you train in the evening hours, then this effect will continue only until the moment you go to bed.
  5. Losing weight is probably one of those points that most readers and especially readers of our blog are concerned about. After sleeping and on an empty stomach, a person is able to burn more fat than during training at other times of the day. During the night, the main reserves run out, so the body must use subcutaneous fat as energy. However, on an empty stomach, nutritionists do not recommend training. Optimal mode: rise at 6:00, then at 6:30 a light breakfast and training at 7:30. If breakfast didn’t work out, you can only train with moderate intensity, because in the morning your blood levels are low in sugar, and any intense workout will lower sugar even more, which will adversely affect your well-being.
  6. Vigor for the whole day. Studies in the USA prove that with the help of exercise in the morning, you can overcome fatigue and lethargy. This is due to improved blood circulation and the release of adrenaline, which can wake the brain.
  7. Any adequate person wants to be in a good mood. Fitness workouts, lasting only 40 minutes, will help to cope with stress and their side effects. Great mood after an effective workout – will stay with you for the whole day.

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