ExPower vol. 2.0 is a system of exercises that allows you to correct muscle imbalance through functional loading that forms balance and flexibility. ExPower vol. 2.0 improves the quality of body movement, the work of muscles, joints and the cardiorespiratory system, increases endurance and relieves psycho-emotional stress.

ExPower training vol. 2.0 allows you to achieve a balance in the development of the right and left halves of the body, which reduces the risk of injuries to the musculoskeletal system. Exercise forces the body to adequately respond to any changes in the environment and is aimed at working with superficial muscles and deeply lying stabilizing muscles, which make it easy to hold the body in any position.

“First of all, we are aimed at improving people’s health, and this is precisely the functional load. To restore the body to harmony, all-round flexibility, balance and strength, we use the so-called functional exercises. Functional – because they are designed to restore the functions inherent in a healthy body, ”comments Irina Troska, fitness director of the federal chain of fitness clubs X-Fit.

ExPower training vol. 2.0 is designed for 55 minutes. Cardio and strength training with additional equipment is added to the functional intervals. For cardio, elements of martial arts are used: kicks, hands, knees, elbows, complex movements, defensive techniques.

“The peculiarity of this workout, which makes it unique in its kind, is the work on the ground. We use modern wrestling techniques: grappling, jiu-jitsu, freestyle wrestling and judo. All these types contain a large number of leading and preparatory exercises for mastering the technique and improving the physical qualities of those involved. We borrowed these exercises and projected them into our workout, which led to the combination of cardio and functional work in one module. In the power unit, we use additional equipment in the form of mini-barbells, ”says Ilya Frank, an expert and coordinator of the martial arts network.

ExPower vol.2.0 is suitable for intermediate to advanced training. Training involves strict adherence to the execution technique, frequency, diet and drinking regimen. For exercise, you will need high-sided sneakers and outdoor sportswear to prevent heatstroke. Training is contraindicated for epilepsy, diabetes mellitus, serious injuries and diseases of the joints and spine, as well as for diseases of the cardiovascular system.


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