Exercising outside to lose weight: it really is more effective

Why is it good to exercise outside?

Vitamin D replenishment

Due to climatic conditions, more than 80% of people experience a lack of vitamin D. The body receives it when exposed to sunlight. Try replacing the treadmill with a walk or jog outside.

Increasing the level of oxygen in the blood

Oxygen activates mental performance, improves the processes of internal organs, improves immunity, and promotes weight loss. A regular increase in oxygen consumption, combined with physical activity, leads to the active breakdown of fats.

Greater training efficiency

Running on the track at the gym is not the same as running in the park. Running with the help of a simulator differs from the classic one in that there is practically no proper pushing of the torso with the legs on the track. This is due to the fact that the simulator performs the function of pushing the body, and you only need to rearrange your legs. In addition, outdoor training is freedom and the choice of the route at your discretion. So, for psychological unloading, training on the street is preferable.


During outdoor training, you can combine any kind of physical activity: a short run, half an hour of martial arts, and at the end – yoga asanas and breathing exercises. Everyone can do what they love – without the restrictions dictated by a trainer or a group training program at a fitness club. Even an active walk around the city for 40 minutes is already a great load.

Where to train outside


Popularization of a healthy lifestyle has had a positive impact on the number of well-equipped sports grounds in the courtyards of the city. Perhaps this is the easiest option for outdoor training. In almost every yard you can find bars, horizontal bars, crossbars and benches.

Parks and squares

A more comfortable option for those who love running, Nordic walking or cycling. Here you can run crosses, do some exercises with the help of benches or trees.

Stadiums and arenas

The advantage of specialized sports grounds is that you will find all the attributes for a quality workout on them. In addition, a special running surface is a big plus. On it, the feet and joints will be less tired and receive a comfortable shock load.

How to eat before a workout

The optimal time between eating and playing sports can be considered a period of 2.5-3 hours. It is important to say that not only a short break between food and training will negatively affect activity, but also a break of more than four hours. If this happens, the body has nowhere to take energy from

What to eat before a workout

  • Proteins: Poultry (chicken, turkey), lean white fish (tuna, cod), eggs.
  • Sources of complex carbohydrates: vegetables (celery, lettuce, carrots), potatoes, rice.
  • Vegetable fats (omega-3): flaxseed oil, olive oil, fish oil.
  • Water must be present in the training process at all times.

How to train outside

Always start with a warm-up: this can be a light run on the terrain for about five to seven minutes.

The simplest exercises to perform on the street will be:

  • push ups:
    • plank;
    • pull-ups;
    • jumping rope;
    • burpee.

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