Exercises that make the glutes fit and firm

Girls and guys who dream of big and firm buttocks do not always suspect how feasible the task is. We are not talking about a fantastic time frame in the form of a week or a month, but we know for sure: with stable training, the result appears quite quickly.

An effective set of exercises, which is performed at home, on the street or in the gym, is shared by the coach of REBOOT sports studios, Julia Dzhusupova.

How to pump up the buttocks

The buttocks are one of the largest muscles in the human body. It is important to train them not only for the sake of attractive volume and aesthetics but also so that the body supports important functions in a person’s daily life:

  • keeping the body upright;
  • upright posture;
  • braking movement.

Buttocks workout for girls and guys

It is recommended to train the buttocks for guys and girls, the task differs only in weight. The girl can use fewer weights, and it is desirable for the man to take more weight.

Workout of the buttocks at home and in the gym

1. Slope on one leg. The supporting leg is bent at the knee, support for the entire foot. Leading the free leg back, we go into a slope up to parallel with the floor. Movement only in the hip joint, the gaze at the lowest point is directed to the floor. We smoothly return back and do the exercise on the opposite leg.

Perform 3 sets for a minute, rest between sets for no more than a minute.

2. Rotation in tilt at the support. We stand at the support on one leg. We go into a slope with a flat back and perform a turn of the pelvis at the expense of the supporting leg, taking the knee of the free leg to the side. The supporting leg is slightly bent at the knee. We return to the starting position and do the exercise in the other direction.

Perform 3 sets for a minute, rest between sets for no more than a minute.

3. Glute bridge on one leg. We perform the exercise lying down. The supporting leg is on the floor, we stand on the whole foot. Pull the free leg to the ceiling. The pelvis is twisted, the press is tense. We tear off the buttocks from the floor and tighten the gluteal muscles, slowly lower the pelvis down until lightly touching the floor. We control the lumbar spine: it should not bend too much.

Perform 3 sets for a minute, rest between sets for no more than a minute.

4. Leg swing in gluteal bridge. From the previous exercise, we fix ourselves at the top point and perform the movement with our free leg to parallel with the floor. We return the leg to the ceiling, keeping the pelvis motionless in weight.

Perform 3 sets for a minute, rest between sets for no more than a minute.

5. Pulse with a straight leg standing on the elbows. We stand on our elbows, the head is an extension of the spine, a look at the floor. We stretch the working leg parallel to the floor, fix the lumbar spine, the pelvis parallel to the floor. We perform a short pulse with the leg in the area of ​​the hip joint (the lower back does not work). We change the leg.

Perform 3 sets for a minute, rest between sets for no more than a minute.

Workout the buttocks at home

You don’t have to work hard to build your glutes. The main thing is that the training is stable and you are immersed in the process. While doing it, remember about the technique, work until the muscles burn, and use things that give extra weight: a backpack with books, water bottles, fitness rubber bands, which will give excellent resistance – and the workout will turn out to be more effective. You can also take dumbbells or weights.

Gym workout

Beginners need to learn to “feel” the buttocks by working with body weight. When you have more confidence in movements and technique, you can grab the bar and move on to more complex simulators. Also, to increase the buttocks, it is important to build a diet and create a small calorie surplus.


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