Don’t Eat Them: 6 Foods That Prevent Weight Loss

Eliminate or reduce their consumption

There are many ways to lose weight – an active lifestyle, training and exercise, walking and running, special diets. But there are products that will interfere with getting rid of fat, even if you have started working in this direction. Here they are.


Excess sugar turns into fat, contributes to the development of diabetes and obesity, and also increases the risk of diseases such as heart attack or atherosclerosis. Sugar in one form or another is found even in fruits and vegetables, but this does not mean that they should be completely abandoned. A better place to start is to stop adding sugar to your tea or coffee and cut back on sugar in other foods

Dried fruits

Dried fruits are not as useful as we think, and do not pull on a healthy snack at all, especially during weight loss. The concentration of the same sugar increases many times when fruits and berries are dried, so it is better to exclude dried fruits from your diet and replace them with fresh ones .


Especially those that contain various jams, cereals and other additives. Delicious yogurts on store shelves have nothing to do with health benefits and weight loss. If you still want to, it is better to give preference to yoghurts without additives , fat content up to 2.5% and the simplest possible composition.

Carbonated drinks

They contain all the same sugar, not to mention other chemical components. 100 milliliters of cola, for example, contains 2.5 teaspoons of sugar, which is almost a third of the safe daily allowance, and carbon dioxide in carbonated drinks stimulates appetite and provokes cellulite. If you want to lose weight, junk drinks should be replaced with ordinary drinking water without gas .

Bread and pastries

White wheat flour contains simple carbohydrates, which only increase appetite. Such products, as a rule, have a high calorie content, but hardly bring a feeling of fullness. If you don’t want to completely give up bread, it’s better to replace an ordinary loaf with a yeast-free or whole grain one.


Ethyl alcohol slows down metabolism and prevents fat burning processes, and also contributes to water retention in the body and the formation of edema. In addition to this, drinking alcohol increases appetite. It should be completely excluded from your diet, but if you still want to please yourself in the evening, it is better to give preference to a glass of dry wine .


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