Delicious meats – marbled meat. What is marbled beef and its price.

Delicious meats – marbled meat. What is marbled beef and what is its price.

I am sure that most of you have heard about one of the most famous dishes called marbled beef .

It is considered one of the most elitist delicacies, which is cooked on an open fire. Marbled beef around the world is considered one of the most expensive types of meat. The price of one portion of marbled meat costs from $ 100 to $ 250 and the price of a raw piece of the meat reaches $ 500 per kilogram. The popularity of marbled meat has led manufacturers of meat products (beef) around the world to try to repeat the success of their overseas counterparts. There are special breeds of gobies that are grown directly to create just such meat. But actually, what is so special about him, why is it so often advertised?

This meat is known for its taste because it is very soft and literally melts in your mouth (therefore, it is equivalent to meat delicacies). This is ensured by the fact that the meat has a large amount of fat, and externally the meat looks like a piece of the marble slab, i.e. red meat with such fatty veins of adipose tissue. And it is clear that when such meat is cooked, it is boiled in its own juice and has very interesting specific taste properties. With taste, everything seems to be clear, because there will always be people who like to live a soft fatty piece of meat for such a lot of money. But there is another side to the issue. Is there any benefit from this meat? After all, it costs big money. We’ll figure it out now.

In Japan, there is a special kind of cows that was introduced at the beginning of the first century, i.e. ordinary normal gobies, and nobody raised them for meat. But at the beginning of the 19th century, in connection with the industrial revolution around the world, the technical side of the issue was improved, and therefore the gobies were used for meat. Japan is a small country and there are very few territories, so the bulls were stalled and they stood there without moving at all. They were only fed, while not giving any physical activity.

By the way, it’s a very important point that we are talking specifically about gobies, because marble meat is precisely the meat of gobies (marbled beef). So, there is such a feature in bulls that if they do not move, i.e. If there is no physical activity, then the fat they begin to accumulate in the veins between the muscle tissues. Consequently, the marbling of meat is a natural process of obesity of gobies. But all the bulls are so generous and phlegmatic.

The first bulls were in the stalls, they were simply fed as usual and they were getting fat. Therefore, the meat became very fat with low protein content, because the bulls do not engage in any activity and they do not develop muscle tissue, but only fat. And animals living in the wild would never give marble meat because it is simply unrealistic. Fat cannot accumulate in muscle tissue if the animal has at least some physical activity. But the bulls are specially defended in the stalls. Surely you heard that they even have a massage. Why are they doing this? Not for them to calm down there, no. In fact, all this is done so that the blood the bulls didn’t make it, and they didn’t have any places with ischemia. For example, people can have various unpleasant consequences in some places if they do not move (bedsores). Actually, the gobies have similar manifestations, so they are massaged. But certainly not to make them feel good.

Cows also have a four-chamber stomach, and they must be fed grass because they are designed to process it. But this beef (gobies) is especially stuffed with easily digestible carbohydrates, i.e. cereals. They are also given beer (malt), as it increases their appetite. Actually, they are fattened for slaughter and not allowed to move. Cows grow fat, become sick, and then we get a very tasty juicy piece of meat. Since the musculature is not exposed to any influences, the calf muscle atrophy occurs, so the meat is not hard and very soft, like a calf.

We must understand that marbling meat is not at all a criterion of its quality. Cows are not adapted to the consumption of cereals. Cows usually burp food back, chew, and then swallow again. This cannot be done with cereals, so flatulence develops in cows. Actually, there are a lot of problems with digestion, because they do not eat the food that they should eat. If a person has problems and has elevated triglycerides in the blood (i.e. fatty acids), then he may experience fatty hepatosis. The gobies have something very similar to this, and they accumulate muscle fat. Although it should not accumulate there, because the muscles were not created in order to maintain adipose tissue in itself.

And no matter how strange it may seem to you, but marble beef is cheaper to grow than regular beef. Why? Because the bulls are in the stalls and they are not moving. It is clear that large territories are not needed, and karma is somewhat different, very different from what animals usually feed. Take out manure, bring food, one room, neither to the right nor to the left, there is no need to move, there are no pastures including. And it turns out that poor-quality fatty meat of sick animals is sold for a lot of money under the guise of an elite super mega healthy and most importantly tasty meat.

There is nothing tasty in eating meat that was subject to dystrophic changes, believe me. You can also recall foie gras – the famous French dish. This is a goose (duck) liver, which is ground, and pate is made from it. Yes, it is very tasty, and the French are very fond of this dish. How do they do it? In production, a man with a large pipe and a special apparatus push this pipe into the throat of every poor bird. Once in the stomach, he stuffs it with a completely special mixture, because the bird really can’t eat such volumes, i.e. they force her to eat a lot and at the same time, she is not allowed to move. As a result, the level triglycerides in the blood grow very much and fatty hepatosis appears. Actually, the same thing happens with alcoholics and with people who do not monitor their diet and who have diabetes, because they all have triglycerides jumping too.

What is fatty hepatosis? This is when the liver changes its normal cells to fat, i.e. they just get greasy. Normal hepatocyte cells turn into fat cells, that’s all. A kind of inversion occurs. The liver grows, grows in size, the bird cannot walk normally, breathe because the liver has grown. Then the bird is opened, a fatty liver is taken out, which cannot be called a liver, and the delicacy is ready. With such nutrition and in this way of life, very often tumors appear in the bird. But it doesn’t matter, because not marble meat, nor foie gras can be called a useful dish, neither from the point of view of physiology nor from the point of view of aesthetics. Does anyone else want to eat sick meat from sick animals?


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