Chocolate-holik – get your chocolate!

Many adults suffer from various addictions in nutrition, some of these addictions adversely affect our health, some more, others less.

One of these dependencies (although it is insignificant in comparison with others) can lead to mood swings, huge jumps in blood sugar, and also to weight gain. This is an addiction to chocolate. This is not all bad news, although chocolate has several useful properties, it contains iron and calcium, and can provide a boost of energy. It also tastes great, when consumed it produces the hormones of happiness serotonin and dopamine.

This does not mean that it is necessary to completely remove this product from your diet, as practice shows, people often break down, so if you are a chocolate head, you can indulge in your passion, but in moderation. Including chocolate in your diet does not always mean that you will gain calories, try choosing the standard sizes of chocolates (by buying large chocolate, which is not so expensive, you will ultimately be very likely to eat it completely, which you will be very sorry about later). Pure chocolate is another good option but without the addition of high-calorie cookies and raisins.

For people suffering from this addiction, but absolutely not wanting to remove sweets from their diet, Herbalife protein bars are an ideal solution . Not only are they delicious (three flavors: chocolate-peanuts, almonds-vanilla and citrus), they contain very few calories (137 kcal per bar) and high protein content (10 g per bar). With such a snack, you will not feel hungry between meals due to the high protein content, which can not be said about a regular bar of chocolate. You can cut it into small pieces or take it whole at a time. Thus, this product is an excellent healthy snack, with the use of which you will disappear from the fear of jumps in sugar.


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