Are short workouts effective for weight loss?

How often have you heard promises that by exercising just 5 minutes a day, you will find a beautiful, toned figure and get rid of excess weight?

Is it true that short workouts will be so effective that they will help you lose weight? Who is really suitable for such physical activities and how to perform them correctly?

Pros and cons: short workouts

In professional language, there is no such thing as “short workouts”. But fitness enthusiasts call it 10-20 minute high-intensity interval workouts that require maximum impact. But is this type of exercise suitable for everyone?

For a novice athlete, such classes are usually not recommended. They require not only a high intensity of performance, but also the correct, already perfected technique, without which training will not only be traumatic, but completely useless. Do not forget about contraindications. If you have heart problems, diseases of the respiratory system, scoliosis, flat feet – you must be extremely careful, but it is better to consult a doctor. After all, if the body is not ready to work at full strength, even excess weight can cause injury.

But for professionals, on the contrary, such loads will be a salvation in the face of time constraints. An intense 10-15 minute workout starts all metabolic processes and maintains them for several more hours, and in some cases even a day.

How often do short workouts to lose weight

Longer, regular workouts will help you achieve your goal, get rid of excess fat, become strong and resilient. Short high-intensity workouts are a great addition to them when your body and muscles are ready for serious loads. They will help to “pump” the relief of the body, endurance and strength. You need to start with one workout per week. And only then you can gradually increase their number, not forgetting the obligatory days of rest between them.

If you are not yet ready for intensive home workouts, you can choose a program at a calm pace, which will not take much time and help you lose weight. The program “We lose weight easily” with Mikhail Prygunov will be an excellent starting point for you. The only condition that should be observed is the daily implementation of a set of exercises.

What is important during short workouts

  1. The load on all the muscles of the body
    When compiling a training program, be sure to make sure that it includes simple sets of exercises that will evenly distribute the load on all muscle groups, help you lose weight and tighten your whole body.

  1. Ideal execution technique
    In order for the training to be effective and not traumatic, it is necessary to constantly improve the execution technique. Even the simplest exercises, such as squats or a plank, require an attentive attitude.

  1. Warm-up and stretching are a must
    Before any workout to warm up the muscles and joints, always do a warm-up. Doing it is also good for the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. It smoothly “accelerates” our heart, increasing the heart rate, which prevents various cardio disorders. Stretching after a workout is just as important. It improves muscle flexibility and elasticity, helps relieve muscle pain and tension, prevents the risk of injury, and promotes better recovery

    1. Weights for short workouts are 30-40% less than usual
      . Intensive training is far from strength training, which is aimed at building muscle mass. Short workouts are a quick way to start all the metabolic processes in the body and burn fat. Therefore, there is no need to lift heavyweights.

    1. Gradual increase in load
      As with any training, the body tends to get used to the same loads. To develop and improve your physical abilities, gradually increase the load – increase the weight, the number of sets and repetitions, the load time.


    1. A short intense workout is contraindicated for a person who is in a state of chronic stress
      Large loads for people suffering from chronic stress are life-threatening – they can cause hormonal disorders with an unpredictable development of the disease.

    1. Contraindicated as a post-pregnancy recovery program
      Every young mother wants, even in time pressure mode, to have time to get her body in shape and get rid of excess weight. Therefore, so often they choose intensive workouts at home for weight loss. But after childbirth, during the period of recovery and feeding, the woman’s body does not work in the usual mode for her, as before pregnancy. He experiences stress, consumes more energy, and hormones live their own lives. Therefore, for an already unrecovered body, such training is contraindicated. In order to avoid unpleasant consequences, it is better to choose the program “Recovery after childbirth”, which was specially developed by our professional trainer Anastasia Zavistovskaya together with a rehabilitation doctor. Simple, gentle exercises will help your body recover properly and gently.


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