7 tips for taking care of your face in your 30s

These mistakes can cost your skin health and beauty.

If you like sunbathing

UV rays are the main catalyst for premature skin aging, and sunscreen is one of the most underrated products. 

When caring for your face, be sure to use a cream with SPF in the summer, and not only on the beach. This way you will minimize the risk of wrinkles, age spots, sunburn and skin cancer. 

Choose the right sunscreen, depending on the type of facial skin, region of residence and lifestyle: 

  • if you work in an office and do not often go out, it is enough to use a cosmetic product with SPF 15 (for light skin – SPF 30);
  • if you spend a lot of time outdoors, use a waterproof sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher.

Apply SPF cream liberally on the face, neck and décolleté, repeat after water procedures. Also, do not forget to use the cream on sunny winter days. 

You crush pimples, blackheads

You can spoil the skin and then heal it for years from incorrect interference. But post-acne scars are not the worst. It is especially dangerous to squeeze acne in the triangle of death – in the area of ​​​​the lips, nose and eyes. There are many small vessels here, and due to the direct blood supply to the brain, the infection can spread throughout the body and cause blood poisoning. By the way, this is what caused the death of the great composer Scriabin. He squeezed out a boil over his upper lip, brought infection and soon died of sepsis. 

Therefore, if rashes appear, the only right decision is not to crush acne, but to make an appointment with a cosmetologist-dermatologist.

You drink little water

If you drink little water, the skin of the face is the first to react to a lack of moisture. It fades, acquires an earthy color, and the epidermis sags, and creases and wrinkles appear.   

By drinking enough water, you thereby deeply moisturize the skin, and increase its elasticity. With good hydration, the sebaceous glands work less actively and the skin of the face is cleared of rashes. And do not be afraid of edema, they appear just when there is a lack of water – this is how the body, in conditions of its deficiency, stores up moisture, just in case. How much water to drink per day and how to drink water to lose weight, read here

Lose weight quickly and get it back just as quickly

Such “swings” are far from harmless to the health of your skin. When strict diets are replaced by gluttony (excuse the frankness), the metabolism is unbalanced. Metabolism slows down because the body turns on the savings mode – what if the hunger strike starts again! Subcutaneous fat then goes away, then reappears, and even with excess. The consequences of such tissue movements can be sad.

Don’t go on a diet, and don’t snack on cookies or chips. And do not reassure yourself – “okay, today I’ll go out for dinner again, and tomorrow I’ll go for a run.” This does not work. Get rid of emotional overeating and gradually switch to proper nutrition. 

Little sleep

During the day you expend energy, and during sleep you restore it. Moreover, at night, the skin of the face is restored most actively – blood supply and regeneration are enhanced, and the top layer of the skin is exfoliated. 

If you chronically lack sleep, all vital processes slow down, toxins linger in the body longer, and all this is reflected in the appearance – even despite proper care, the face looks gray and tired.

Save on everyday cosmetics

Put aside samplers, cosmetics bought on the occasion at a sale or expired. You can experiment with masks, and tonics, but the cream that you use every day should only be of high quality. 

Skin without a cream ages faster, but with low-quality cosmetics, it will age even earlier. Fragrances, phthalates, parabens, oxybenzone – these ingredients are very dangerous and harmful to health.

It is optimal if, when choosing face care cosmetics, you turn to a specialist who will determine your skin type, possible problems and correctly select basic care products. 

If this is not possible, buy cosmetics from specialized dermatological series in pharmacies. Firstly, it has fewer preservatives and fragrances, as it was originally designed for sensitive skin. Secondly, the certification and quality control at the pharmaceutical plants where it is produced is much stricter.

Keeping your head down

There was no such problem for a couple of decades, but now it is a real scourge of our time. If you stick to gadgets for hours, your head is in a position that is not physiological for the spine for a long time. The head weighs about 4-5 kg, and the angle of inclination of 15 ° increases the load on the cervical spine by almost 2 times – as if the head weighing 3-4 kg more. And the lower you bend, the greater the load on the entire spine. 

Keep your beauty and youth with the help of face yoga

Beauty and youth – hard long work

You may think that all this is banality and common truth. But the well-known platitudes are revealed at the cost of their own mistakes.


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