Boxing seemed to be a male-dominated sport, cruel and unattractive. However, every year more and more women sign up for such sections. After all, boxing is not only weight loss and self-defense lessons, but also the inner transformation that happens when you learn to box. We offer to analyze not banal reasons why this sport may suit you. 


Release of emotions

Boxing is a great way to teach girls how to properly deal with negative emotions and live them.

This may be one of the most obvious internal changes, but boxing gives you the freedom to let your emotions out. Whether you’re struggling with depression or angry as hell, hitting a punching bag is therapeutic. 

Understanding Mindfulness

Boxing for women is a fantastic way to learn to be in the present moment.

It may seem rather strange, but many people use boxing as a form of meditation. If you play this sport and train in mitts, too much thinking makes you immediately stumble and start over. If you’re fighting and losing focus, you’re more likely to get punched in the face.

Boxing forces you to be in the moment and stay focused. How many times a day do you really only do one thing and don’t think about the other. 

Confidence in your strength

There is something really inspiring when you know the technique of a strong and correct strike. Every woman has been in a situation where she was very nervous. Whether it’s walking alone through a poorly lit area at night, or alone with a guy who doesn’t turn out well. Imagine being able to stand up for yourself if you had to. Feeling confident is power, and it affects not only security, but also your daily life. Imagine a girl who doesn’t doubt herself and feels confident enough to speak her mind and isn’t afraid to be a leader.

Sharpening of instincts, ability to analyze 

Boxing is a bit like chess, only in terms of speed. You have to analyze the other person: see how he moves and react with lightning speed. Many still consider boxing a barbaric sport, but few people know that it is very important to be able to think quickly and analyze the situation here. Speed ​​and reaction time is something you will have to learn. The ability to think, make decisions and react in a second requires a whole new level of skill, and boxing keeps you on your toes (literally).

Learning control

You might think that boxing is about letting go of control, but the opposite is true. When you train, you need to know exactly how hard or soft to hit. Beginner boxers tend to try to hit as hard as they can without any control or technique. But when you practice, you understand how to control the punch and how it can be much more effective.

Learning to control takes a lot of practice and muscle memory. Coaches are taught to throw the same punch hundreds of times until it gets right. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll start putting more power into it, and then speed. While this may seem like a basic concept, it instills a work ethic and shows girls what can be achieved with hard work, dedication and repetition. When you hit the bag or the mitts and hear the perfect click, it feels so good and you know the hard work has paid off.

We learn to work in a team and trust each other

Boxing and teamwork… wait what? Boxing is an absolute team sport. The people you train with are your team and you need to work together to improve. When you learn a combination, you often take turns playing it with a partner and doing both defense and offense. This close collaboration creates a lot of trust. You literally hit each other, so if you can’t work as a team, chances are one of you will miss and it will hurt a lot.

There is only one way to understand whether boxing is right for you – by trying it, feeling it for yourself. Our classes are not restricted by age or gender. Boxing can be done by both men, women and children. Everyone in this sport will take something for themselves. If you are worried that boxing is traumatic, we hasten to convince you. With regular classes, a reasonable approach to business and the implementation of certain rules, severe physical shocks can really be avoided. After all, serious injuries are more common in professional boxing than in amateur boxing. It is also important to have a reasonable attitude to sports and, in which case, the ability to stop in time. 


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